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Daytona 2015 FSE


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Freddy and Sean Enterprises

All our current releases

The tracks on our site are updated versions of tracks already available at sites like Revamped Reloaded, SBP and many others.

Some are just graphical updates while others have had major restructuring due to real life track improvements. Our aim is to keep as many tracks as possible as up to date as we can.

Our tracks are exclusive and include additions such as;

New Tyre marks added to pit boxes

New grass logos relevant to the weekends racing.

New billboards/wall signage/building signage.

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Freddy and Sean Enterprises


Daytona 500 2015 FSE

Released April 2015

The track was created using Shane's beta Daytona 2012b track that was never released, special thanks to Shane for allowing us to update the track to the 2015 event.

All Updated 2015 mip files, Grass logos, Victory Lane Backdrop, wall signs, building signs, and 2015 Infield Grass Design was done by Freddy(Wheatenland). unless noted below

Sandbox Work: Sean (Badhairday) on placement for 2015 wall signs, new tire barrier, objects, new infield Grass designs, grass logos,and flashing lights on emergency vehicles and track tweaks.

Best Regards,

      Freddy (Wheatenland)

      Sean (Badhairday)

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